Get to know the team behind the Brothers Destiny Grooming Foundation.


Byron Lomax

Founder & CEO

Byron Lomax is the founder and CEO of the Brothers Destiny Grooming Foundation. He saw a need in the South Cobb area to improve community relations and encourage the youth in a positive way. As a Master Barber with over 20+ years of experience, he has cultivated many relationships and looks forward to building an organization that will help build and strengthen his community.


Leslie Walker, Jr.


Mr. Leslie Walker, Jr. is the President of our organization and brings a wealth of knowledge, relationships, and a  commitment to service. He has worked years in the Social services industry and has years of community service under his belt. He looks forward to leading and sharing his knowledge with the community.


Victoria Lomax

Co-founder & Vice President

Victoria Lomax co-founded the organization alongside Byron Lomax. She has over 10+ years experience in the IT industry and brings a wealth of knowledge. She is chair and founder of the STEM program in the organization and has volunteered with many organizations throughout the Austell area.

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